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Liz Harpe

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NLR & Friends
(College Tour Edition)

About Us

Created in 2013, Not Like the Rest (NLR) is a powerful entertainment company committed to flooding the world with new talents. NLR's primary goal is to provide a platform for all spectrums of entertainment by exposing hidden talents from all over the world.

Music is the way to the soul and a form of communication. NLR will be hosting a college tour to inspire the youth through music to follow their dreams. 

We are hoping to partner with HBCU institutions and our sponsors to provide a platform for our company and artist to spread this positive message. 

Tour Details

Audience: College students between the ages of 18-25.

Venue: A room or space , provided by the institution, where the speakers and Dj can set up

Durations: 1-2 hrs

Security/Crowd Control:  Not needed. Due to the pandemic, we would like  to keep each event small (25-50 students) . We will also have our road manager at the door to make sure we do not go over targeted number.

Performers: 1 host and headliner, four performers.

Cost: Free for Institution/Students

Benefits of Tour: Free activity for the students to partake in as a community

Time of Event: Anytime between  the hours of 12pm-8pm 

Tour Dates: Spring 2022 Semester /January-April

Advertisement: Each institution will be given promotional flyers to post around campus.

Opening acts: Most of our performers on this tour began their music career in college, to pay it forward, we would like to offer 1 or 2 free performance opportunity to any student who is enrolled in your institution.




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